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How entrepreneurial orientation and innovation support the business success: evidences from Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2019

It is the purpose of the present study to explore the role of entrepreneurial orientation and business for Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK to achieve business success. This dissertation topic is chosen due to the importance of entrepreneurship in economic development and innovation development. An expected contribution of the research is to provide implications for migrant Chinese entrepreneurs to deal with uncertainties and risks in entrepreneurship process and achieve business success. The research focuses on entrepreneurial orientation and innovation to understand their role to achieve business success for Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK as entrepreneurial orientation can greatly affect the decisions and actions of entrepreneurs and their companies in entrepreneurship process. This research would present how entrepreneurs can make use of entrepreneurial orientation to achieve business success. An inductive approach has been applied to guide the research process as limited attention is attached to its role for migrant entrepreneurs. It attempts to propose understanding of the importance of entrepreneurial orientation for Chinese entrepreneurs. Interviews are conducted with 8 Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK to collect primary data. Based on the evidences from the interviews, the results demonstrate that the companies of the participants show a good performance in terms of innovativeness, but have performances in terms of proactiveness and risk-taking are relatively low, the participants in the interviews report a high confidence in their business success in the market, which is not only reflected with money, but should also include other factors. Innovativeness mainly adds contribution to business success by increasing the value for customers and customer enjoyment, and also increase customer trust to attract more consumers. Proactiveness can help to promote business growth and improve customer satisfaction to achieve business success, while risk taking allows Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK to gain experience and customer feedbacks, promote business growth, build social network, and also increase brand awareness to achieve business success.

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