Library Dissertation Showcase


At the University of Lincoln we are proud to celebrate student success.

The purpose of the dissertation showcase is to promote outstanding student work as exemplars of best practice.

The dissertations in the showcase represent the “Top Ten” undergraduate dissertations selected by participating Schools within the University of Lincoln. These will normally have achieved a First Class degree and represent a range of subject areas.

It is worth noting that some dissertations cannot be made available for reasons due to commercial sensitivity or that contain un-redactable personal information.

This site is a pilot project which started with the Lincoln International Business School. We are now carefully rolling it out to other interested Schools. In time we hope to will include all Schools and extend it to postgraduate dissertations.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the dissertation showcase then please contact Daren Mansfield ( or fill in our User Evaluation Survey.

If you require a text-to-speech application then choose the screen reader function (e.g. from the Read and Write software) to read the dissertations.