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An exploratory study into self-signalling within non-profit donation behaviour: a case study of Equine Welfare Charities

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

The core objective of this original study is to further an understanding of the influencing self-signalling drivers within donor behaviour. Further, the study aims to address what specifically within self-signalling is driving donors to donate and how in today’s world self-signalling, within a non-profit marketing context, is shaping donor behaviour. This research takes the form of a case study looking at Equine Welfare Charities. To guide this research, previous literature surrounding self-signalling and its relationship with non-profit marketing will be reviewed. The study includes primary research, which has helped in forming the contemporary totality of this paper. Whilst past research has focused on self-signalling in not for profit contexts, it has mainly focused on self -signalling altruism in donor behaviour and using self-signalling to build one’s self-concept. Subsequently, the study looks to further disaggregate the role of self-signalling in donor behaviour, by specifically exploring the traits that drive self-signalling behaviour, and their wider relationship with self-concept, in the context of altruism.

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