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Impact of influencer marketing on millennials: multi-method research on the case of German Instagram users

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2018

This study investigates the impact of influencer marketing on Millennials in Germany, a group with great economic importance. Especially Instagram is a known social media platform on which influencers promote products of brands they cooperate with, reaching millions of consumers. Consequently, it is essential to analyse their posts’ influence on Millennials.

In addition to previous literature, a focus group and questionnaire were conducted to examine areas of this topic. The focus group contained 4 participants, informing the questionnaire which was answered by 258 respondents, providing a reasonable representation of the sample population. The combination of both research methods enabled gathering in-depth insight into the topic areas.

Findings were mostly congruent with previous literature. It has been discovered that the communication style on Instagram is based on a one-way approach, letting followers receive information through posted pictures without both parties interacting. Further results emphasise the necessity of influencer credibility which is based on appealing design, consistence in the influencer’s character and transparency about cooperations. Lastly, it has been found out that purchase intentions are not influenced directly after viewing a post containing product endorsements. Posts can be memorised, developing an impact on purchase decisions after time.

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