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An exploratory study into how blockchain technology could potentially solve the current issues faced in digital advertising and marketing

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2019

This dissertation sought to answer whether blockchain technology has the potential capabilities to solve the main issues faced by those involved in the digital advertising and marketing industry. The work aims to answer whether blockchain technology can provide a better understanding of digital markets through the creation of transparent markets, whether it can prevent future advertising fraud from occurring, whether there is potential for blockchain to be mass adopted in the future and the skills marketers need to prevent a skills gap from occurring.
The study was carried out over the duration of September 2018- April 2019, using desk based research to conduct the study. The study used two case studies, looking at the developments in the technology from the perspective of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Unilever and IBM Blockchain Pilot Scheme.
The results concluded that overall, blockchain does have the potential capabilities to assist in the creation of a better digital marketing environment. However it will not take effect without the cooperation from companies and a globalised acceptance of the technology, which is not currently approved by all governments worldwide. Similar to the internet and other innovations; it will be an interesting development in technology to watch in all industries.

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