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How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected purchasing and consumer behaviour regarding Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the United Kingdom (UK)?

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

This dissertation sought to discover whether the COVID-19 global pandemic had affected consumer and shopping behaviour within the United Kingdom regarding Fast Moving Consumer Goods with focus on the first national lockdown (March – June 2020).

The duration of this dissertation was seven months from October 2020 until May 2021, in which most of that time the United Kingdom was still under the restrictions of a national lockdown. The Primary research was conducted using an online questionnaire which was completed during March 2021. Research on other countries was examined about the effects of COVID-19 on consumer and shopping behaviour to determine whether the United Kingdom had followed similar trends to other countries or acted independently.

The findings of this research show a change in consumer behaviour during in the first national lockdown. Motivation drivers for stockpiling, influences on consumer behaviour and perceived risks were explored to see how this behaviour changed and what type of products were purchased. The implication of this research is it will aid the FMCGs industry to better understand consumer behaviour in uncertain times.

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