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Measuring the effectiveness of automated service interaction in customer retention and acquisition: a case study of the UK grocery retail business

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

The purpose of the research study was to measure the effectiveness of an automated service interaction in customer retention and acquisition in retail. The research study developed three objectives that were related to understanding the automate services, benefits and challenges with automation and to what extent does automated services satisfy customers. To find the answers to the research aim and questions, the primary data collection method was undertaken wherein the survey was conducted. Along with this, various data and information on automation and its related theories were taken from sources like journal websites, books, journal articles, and several other electronic sources. So, a mix of primary and secondary data has been used in this research work to get answers to the research aim and questions.

The world is becoming digitally advanced, and various new technologies have been included in all businesses. Both the business world and its customers are becoming adaptable to new technologies. In the case of automated services, through the survey method, it was found that most of the participants visited grocery stores at least once in a week and they received automated calls and messages of new discounts and offers of the grocery stores. The significant findings revealed that most of the participants are quite satisfied with the automation services. However, the only issue they face is that automation services do not provide with feel and value that is generated by agents. Still, with an increase in technology, it has been noted that in just a few years, machines and automation will replace human workers. The research study has given clarity on the topic along with various other findings and information.

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