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Gaming industry in China: a case study of Nintendo Switch

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

Mobile, PC and online gaming are the most popular forms of gaming in China. With the rise of smart phones mobile gaming has increasingly become popular. The entry of other consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox has not done much to change this phenomenon. Nintendo therefore partnered with Tencent to enter into this market with a upper hand. The upper hand being that Tencent is already the biggest game creator and distributor in China, partnering with them serves to improve the way it is accepted in the market. This study therefore surveys 200 gamers to find out their views on Nintendo. A quantitative analysis was conducted to determine how popular consoles are compared to the mobile games among the gamers surveyed. This study also incorporated qualitative content analysis in order to explore the partnership between Nintendo and tencent and also to determine if the decision by Nintendo to enter into the Chinese market was a good one. Finally, this study ends with the conclusion made based on the results of the analysis an how they meet all the objectives. Recommendations and the various limitations of the study and the opportunities that could be explored by future researchers are also explored.

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