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A quantitative analysis into the effectiveness of digital content type on stimulating consumer recall, with application to, and comparison of, opposing sportswear market leaders: Nike and Adidas

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

The aim of this study is to explore the effectiveness of digital content type on consumer recall, with application to, and comparison of Nike and Adidas. The research can be condensed into three research objectives: Objective A: To compare which types of digital content stimulate the highest levels of recall. Objective B: To compare recall levels over emotive, informative and UGC (User Generated Content) from Nike and Adidas. Objective C: To compare recall levels provided from emotive UGC and informative UGC. The research was conducted using primary research in the form of a recall test, in order to assess brand, product, and message recall. This data was then coded and analysed corresponding to each research objective.
The research revealed that overall, emotive content is superior at stimulating consumer recall. However the results are better utilised by the likes of Nike and Adidas upon individual analysis, whereby they are able to identify that content type X is most effective at stimulating X recall, allowing them to more effectively utilise content type with the aims of stimulating specific recall objectives. Due to the small sample size used, this research is not considered generalisable, however offers insight into the topic and is now a foundation for future research surrounding the topic.

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