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Creating a luxury brand in China that combine Chinese traditional culture with trendy clothing

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2019

The business founder Jian Ming is planning to create a fashion brand in China and main focusing on the Chinese Market. This fashion brand is a light luxury brand, which means it is an affordable luxury brand, and main consumer group for this brand is young people, especially women in China.
The name of the brand is JINLI. Which means lucky squid in English(see Appendix 1 for the brand’s logo). The culture of the brand comes from the collection of traditional Chinese culture and traditional clothing. The brand’s USP(Unique Selling Proposition) is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern fashion apparel, and the improvement of traditional Chinese clothing to make them more in line with the pace of modern life. And the style of the costume is many, absolutely not tied to a style. In terms of price, the brand is positioned as a luxury clothing brand that most young people can afford.
The brand will start with a fashion studio, which is the company’s main work place. The business founder will rent a house in Beijing as the brand’s office. All different teams and members will work in this fashion studio. When the first batch of products is designed and finished, the brand will also open physical store and online store for sale.
All financial forecasts, logistics management, etc. mentioned in this business plan are for one year after the brand is officially created. For the Fashion season it is Spring/summer 2020, Autumn/winter2020.

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