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To what extent does brand knowledge created by social media influencers effect purchase intention: a case study of Gymshark.

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2019

This study examines the extent to which social media influencers create aspects of brand knowledge and how this effects purchase intention levels. Semi-structured interviews with internal and external stakeholders of Gymshark were conducted with a focus on brand knowledge components; brand awareness and brand image.
Gymshark sponsors social media influencers; YouTubers, lnstagrammers and bloggers, who have a large following on social media, as their primary form of marketing. The usage of social media influencers enables a high level of brand awareness to be created, however due to only increasing awareness for Gymsharks target market, the company need to increase their brand awareness to other markets for the business to grow and generate more sales. Gymsharks failure to cover a diverse range of influencers meant that many interviewees purchase intention levels were low as they believe the brand should be targeted to different body types and nationalities.
The study recommends that Gymshark should increase their diversity and make other marketing platforms more prominent as many external interviewees did not recognise these were available.

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