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How the implementation of a sustainable supply chain is used by large corporations as part of their CSR strategy: a case study analysis of Canada Goose and Patagonia

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

Sustainability has become an increasingly pressing issue within recent decades, making the research of it ever important. This paper contributes to this research by investigating the sustainable supply chain strategies implemented by large enterprises. To investigate these strategies, a qualitative case study analysis was conducted on the fashion brands ‘Patagonia’ and ‘Canada Goose’. The collected data from these companies came from a variety of sources, including reports, their own websites, and even anecdotes. Through both the collected data and literature review, three key themes surrounding sustainability emerged. These themes were product longevity, manufacturing locations and animal welfare. It was through the analysis of these themes that enabled the discovery of key findings. A critical finding from this research is the importance of transparency and traceability within supply chains. Without these characteristics present it is challenging for companies to claim they are truly sustainable. It is therefore recommended that those enterprises in which wish to set sustainable goals within the supply chain begin by ensuring transparency and traceability are present.

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