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Insights into developing a sustainable circular fashion economy

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

This study explores how the fashion industry can influence a more circular and sustainable consumer. The core aim of this study is to aid the fashion industry transitioning into a circular and sustainable fashion economy. Data was collected from UK consumers through a questionnaire and analysed for generational views and understanding of sustainable and circular acceptance, while addressing the results with fashion industry professionals through interviews. These results were then analysed using a deductive approach, seeking emerging themes and patterns within the data. These themes were then tested against the original literature review in order to formulate recommendations for the fashion industry. The study found many opportunities for the fashion industry to influence the consumer, however current business and communication practices are barriers to a transition. The fashion industry needs to regulate and control the fragmented value chain, by involving the consumer in an attempt to regenerate our scarce resources by re-defining the concept of waste through technology enhancements, waste management and consumers helping to recover existing materials for recycling in an attempt to let the environment regenerate.

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