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A study of determinants affecting the rate of adoption of alternative payment methods amongst members of generation Z

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2018

Purpose: The main objective was to gain further insight into factors affecting the rate of adoption of alternative payment methods amongst generation Z, what is perceived by generation Z to be an alternative payment method as well as identifying generational differences recognised by generation Z. Additionally, research conducted aimed to reveal determinants affecting rates of adoption amongst generation Z not yet considered by theorists studied.

Methodology: A survey was conducted prior to two focus groups comprising of members of generation Z, alongside diary entries and photo submissions from focus group participants.

Findings: A variety of opinions exist amongst generation Z participants, with some relevance to theory and literature studied, emphasising the importance of not placing an umbrella of assumptions over generation Z, which much literature has done. Key factors affecting rates of adoption include convenience and security, with convenience being a primary focus of generation Z when seeking innovative technology.

Research Limitations/Implications: The survey was carried out within the UK, with focus groups being held in Lincoln, leading to a non-representative sample of generation Z, resulting in inconclusive results, a limitation of selecting a topic with a large scope. A larger sample would avoid this and would provide more valid and reliable findings as generation Z account for a large proportion of the worldwide population. However, it is unlikely that any research could be a true representation of such a large population. Although a brief attempt has been made, it would be interesting to conduct further research to analyse the differences in propensity to adopt innovative technologies amongst different generations.

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