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The impact of performance appraisals on workforce motivation and if organisations should relate pay to performance

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

The main aim for this research project is to establish if a workforce’s motivation is impacted through the use of performance appraisals. In addition, this thesis will also establish if performance-related pay (PRP) is an appropriate method of remuneration and motivation within organisations. The research and work for this dissertation occurred throughout my final year at University, by which I sought relevant sources and conducted primary research as required to ensure the aim for this dissertation was met. The interpretivist primary research in this thesis proved pivotal to concluding this research project, as some areas of research do not hold rich data at present, especially data concerning the charity sector. The primary research consisted of two surveys, both conducted through Qualtrics, an online survey platform in order to gather a large amount of data from a vast array of respondents to support my key research areas. One survey was conducted with employees at Bransby Horses, whilst the other was conducted with the general public in an attempt to reach a large pool of participants. In addition, semi-structured interviews were utilised in order to gain the indepth opinions of four team members at Bransby Horses. From the research conducted, the conclusion materialised that performance appraisals are an appropriate method to motivate a workforce. It was also found that organisations should relate employee pay to their performance. However, it was identified following the research that the correct management of performance appraisals, and a PRP scheme is paramount to their success in achieving motivation and contributing to an organisation’s overall success.

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