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The impact of poor management and internal operations can have on the pub industry and towards the reason why so many pubs are closing down

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

Great British Pubs are enjoyed by millions of people every day. However, British pubs have been on the decline since the early 1900’s with 99,000 pubs recorded in 1905 but just 77,500 by 1935. As a result of a series of government policies including higher taxes, deliberate suppression and restrictive opening hours, many accelerated after the first world war. The British pub industry saw a small recovery after the second world war as in 1969 there were 75,000 pubs and this fell to 60,000 by 2003 (Heath, 2019). The reason this research is important is because at the end of March 2019 there was 39,135 pubs in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) (Davies, 2019) (, 2019). This means a drop of 34.775% in the number of pubs in the UK within the space of 16years, this is a huge decrease,and this is why this problem needs to be resolved. The industry’s revenue needs to increase to stop even more pubs from closing and this research will show the selected key themes on ways to benefit the industry and keep pubs open andbe successful.

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