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The impact of cultures intelligence, student engagement and entrepreneur education to entrepreneur intention of international students’ performance in University of Lincoln

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

Purpose – As the UK has a world-leading Higher Education system which gaining a high international reputation and a strong influence in the international markets, University experiences in the UK are ranked first by international students for student experience across several leagues (International Education Strategy, 2019). At the same time, Entrepreneurship has become a popular topic among the HE experience in recent years, Entrepreneur intention became essential to be gained from individuals especially graduate students as a choice to start their career, and the education offered by universities are bringing more impact on the career direction for students, universities can be seen as the potential foundation of future entrepreneurs. In the HE environment, there are many factors could potentially affect students’ EI, so the purpose of this dissertation is to find out the relationship between students CQs, engagement and entrepreneur educations to their Entrepreneur intention and overall performance.

Methodology/approach – The methodology includes a review on existing literature and establishing hypotheses, creation of questionnaire followed by a quantitively research (survey collection process), and then the data been analysed by statistics approaches then test with the hypotheses.

Findings – To the result, students’ EI are correlated with students’ CQs, however the cognitive CQ is the only factor which bring a significant drive to students’ Entrepreneur Intention, the higher students’ cognitive CQ, the higher students EI will be. In addition, students’ academic engagement and social engagement also correlated with their EI, and the academic engagement is the main factor that impacting on the entrepreneur intention, the effect of extracurricular engagement is low to students’ EI. To the entrepreneur education, it is correlated with the Entrepreneur Intention in a low significant, also it is not coefficient with the Entrepreneur intention. Moreover, from the research it also showed that students’ overall performance is driving by students’ Entrepreneur intention, the higher students’ EI is, the students are more likely to achieve better in their performance, and academic engagement is also directly positive linking to students’ overall performance.

Originality/value – The value of the dissertation is to highlight the need to discover and evaluate the impact of Entrepreneur Intention and wish to draw the attention from both University and the student body about the importance Culture Intelligence, Entrepreneur Education and Student Engagement.

Key word – Entrepreneur Intention, Culture Intelligence, Entrepreneur Education, Student Engagement, Student performance

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