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A Systematic Literature Review investigating the aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystems which maximise their innovative capacity

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2018

The main objective was to investigate and identify aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystems
which maximise their innovative capacity, based on an existing framework of an
entrepreneurial ecosystem

The research was carried out through a systematic literature review of 29 published journal

The screened literature identified the contributions of university, government and
availability of capital sources as having the biggest potential for innovation maximisation
in an ecosystem. Implementing of ecosystem strategy and a strong collaborative ethos will
distinctly compliment the maximisation of innovative capacity.

Research limitations
The topic of interest is a niche subsidiary of entrepreneur discussion, therefore data need to
be extracted very selectively to adhere to the aims of the research.

Practical implications
Regional policy-making initiatives can invest in those specific aspects of entrepreneurial
ecosystems which increase their innovative capacity, whilst incentivising interconnectedness,
and development of ecosystem strategy will maximise innovative capacity.

Originality/ value
Research on the topic of discussion has not been published before –the rigorous
methodology and meaningful results extends existing knowledge into new areas, and
encourages a fresh perspective of entrepreneurship.

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