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Incline Coffee House and Roastery business plan

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2019

Incline Coffee House & Roastery is the name of the start-up venture being proposed by Benjamin Woodward. The business is a coffee shop and roastery, providing a range of high-grade single origin specialty coffees, as retail bags online and in store. As well as a variety of coffee beverages made by skilled baristas, alongside a diverse menu including loose-leaf teas, sandwiches and cakes. The venture seeks to capitalise on the growing appetite for specialty coffee as well as the rising number of young consumers who are conscious of their health, the environment and those who are choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

As well as being a Marketing BA (Hons) graduate, Mr Woodward has over a year experience working as a digital marketing manager and barista at an independent specialty coffee shop. This is where he learned many of the skills necessary to run a small business in the specialty coffee industry.

The premises of the coffee shop is in the heart of Lincoln’s historic Cathedral and Castle quarter, selected due to it being a tourist hotspot with high footfall year-round. Also because of the large student body in the city, the coffee shop being strategically located between the two universities. The premises is a Grade II listed building with over 50 covers, including a rooftop garden; the only coffee shop with a rooftop garden in Lincoln.

A competitor analysis discovered six primary competitors in the area: Coffee Aroma, Angel Coffee House, 200 Degrees, Madame Waffle, Stokes and Lincoln Pier Café. To distinguish Incline from these coffee shops, a superior quality of coffee will be provided, as well as a unique blend of beans roasted in-house. Other areas of the marketing mix will also be carefully managed to further distinguish the brand. Including a comprehensive integrated marketing communications strategy, primarily through targeted advertising, sales promotions and ongoing social media utilisation.

The business structure is a Limited Liability Company (limited by shares), owned by a single member, Mr Woodward. The business requires start-up costs of £61,324, which will be funded by a combination of a bank loan and investment from friends and family. Incline is expected to make a net profit of £11,313 in the first year, which will increase to £13,824 and £29,239 in the second and third years respectively.

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