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The factors influencing the rehabilitation on post Covid-19 patients: drivers, barriers and impacts. A case study of NHS UK

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2022

The purpose of the study is to determine the factors which mainly influence the rehabilitation of Covid-19 patients based in the UK. The study’s objective is to identify the impact, barriers and drivers affecting the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in the UK. In addition, to find the relationship between rehabilitation and its impact on Covid-19 patients. The methodology opted by the study is Mixed Methods. For quantitative analysis, a survey questionnaire has been used to collect the data. The 5-Point Likert scale measurements are used to determine the internal consistency of the questionnaire, and a sample size of 200 participants has been used for the statistical analysis. For qualitative research, a sample size of 10 participants has been recruited for the interviews based on experience and involvement with post-Covid-19 patients. The data has been analysed statistically using SPSS to perform analysis. The frequency analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis have been conducted to determine the influence of rehabilitation on post-covid-19-patients. Thematic analysis has been performed for qualitative research, using themes to extract knowledge for analysis. The study’s findings have highlighted that Barriers have an insignificant impact on Drivers of rehabilitation. At the same time, rehabilitation significantly impacts Drivers influencing rehabilitation for post-covid-19-patients.

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