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Insecurity and the challenges of humanitarian aid delivery in Borno state, Nigeria

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2022

This research is a qualitative research method that rely strictly on the use of secondary data of research enquiry with an attempt to understand the role of humanitarian relief and provision in the state of Borno and the associated challenges that constrain humanitarian activities from fully realizing its overall goal. Data employed for the study were generated through a critical review of some systematically selected literatures sourced from the Researchgates, and Francis and Taylor database. Outcome of the study however shows some form of positive relationship between the provision of humanitarian aid and development in insecurity-infested communities. The study equally found such factors as low political will to enhance security, lack of technical expertise on the part of humanitarian logistics workers, lack of proper surveillance technology to monitor activities and population of inhabitants in the inaccessible communities, and the lack of interagency collaboration and synergy among the Nigerian security services as being the major constraint against the delivery of humanitarian aid and logistics in Borno state, Nigeria. The study however recommend that humanitarian relief donor agencies should partner when possible for better and more informed assessment of conflict situation with a bid to pull resources together
towards a more sustainable outcome.

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