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Smart technologies and smart cities: understanding influences, interactions, and changes in citizens’ daily lives

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2022

With the pace of urbanisation continuously increasing, cities need to change in order to facilitate their growing populations. Following the investigation of a series of smart technologies and smart cities, it can be noted the integration of smart technology can help improve a cities’ liveability, sustainability and inclusivity, but at what cost to its citizens? This dissertation highlights the costs incurred by citizens following the increased interactions and reliance on smart technology in their everyday lives. The reasoning behind the implementation of smart technologies is considered from numerous perspectives, with differing political ideologies, private organisations and citizen lead solutions analysed. In doing this, the differing smart technologies chosen by cities can be compared, with the benefits and drawbacks to differing stakeholder groups considered. The analysis of bottom-up and top-down implementation methods of smart technologies highlights the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. Similarly, differing design strategies applied to smart technologies are analysed to better understand the reasoning for their differences along with the perceptions and uptake among citizens.

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