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The effects of vitamin D3 supplementation on aerobic and power parameters of intermittent sports players

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2022

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a 5000IU Vitamin D3 supplement on the aerobic and power parameters of intermittent sports players.

METHODS: The participants were healthy, active intermittent sports players (Age: 21.57 ± 1.72 years; Height 173.71 ± 11.07 cm; Body mass 75.28 ± 20.23 kg) that provided informed consent prior to the starting of the study. The study received ethical clearance and participants were required to complete a 3-day diet diary. The participants undertook 3 repetitions of a maximal CMJ and a 30-15 IFT wearing HR monitors. They were then matched on gender and performance within baseline testing and randomly assigned to either the Vitamin D or placebo intervention group and given their respective supplements. After the 10-day intervention participants were required to complete testing again to assess changes across pre- and post-intervention periods.

RESULTS: A two-way mixed ANOVA showed statistically significant (P = .014) differences in the VIFT measure for the supplemented group. However, there was no statistical significance for changes in HRmax (P = .449) and CMJ flight time (P =.27). The result of this study demonstrates the relationship between the supplement and increases in VIFT.

CONCLUSION: This indicates the encouragement to consume higher-dosed Vitamin D3 supplements to overcome potential hinderances from deficiency (especially in winter months).

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