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The role of emotional advertising using the example of the German automotive industry

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

As there are more and more opportunities for businesses to advertise, the platforms and customers are completely flooded with them. The key is to make your advertising stand out and be remembered. A valid means for this is emotional advertising, because moving or funny advertising increases the chance of being remembered by customers. Using the German automotive industry as an example, this study describes which target group is best addressed by emotional advertising and attempts to form a persona profile on the basis of the data collected. The data is created with the help of an online questionnaire and analysed with the software SPSS. There were 72 participants from 18 to over 52 years of age. The results showed that a persona profile does exist and that the contradiction that cars should be advertised in a more informative way can be refuted. The stimulation of the self-generation is a way to close the gap between information and emotion in car advertising and thus forms a compromise between emotional and informative advertising. The analysis also shows that German car manufacturers are already doing a lot of things right and are a role model for other car manufacturers in terms of emotional advertising.

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