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Evaluating critically the involvement of CSR in the retail industry: a case study

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

The purpose of this research is to provide an evaluation of the CSR strategy in the retail industry with a particular focus upon the organisation of TK Maxx, using the actions taken by the company as an example of the retail sector. A qualitative case study method is used for the study which incorporates semistructured interviews along with literature data to successfully investigate the CSR strategy of the retail industry. The approach taken analyses the CSR approach of a major retailer at a corporate level within a singular store, using the information provided by current internal stakeholders to contribute data towards the evaluation.

Results from the study identify some interesting points. Clear and extensive communication of CSR initiatives appear as a central element to raise awareness and engagement for both employees and customers. It can also be said in general terms, both workers and clients appreciate the attention towards social initiatives and the environment. Differences occur when looking to analyse the priority customers place on CSR over price and proves to be a topical debate. Further variances also arrive in the knowledge presented by managers compared to employees.

The study captures that the situation surrounding CSR is more complex than originally thought and is able to provide contrasting’s thoughts and feelings when comparing data with previous authors work. Results provided not only highlight potential failures in communication between managers and employees, but also discover that consumer views are changing reflecting that the real power of CSR may be misunderstood.

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