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An exploration of a golf club’s corporate social responsibilities: the perspectives internally

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

This dissertation has been conducted with the objective of exploring a golf club’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Over recent years, CSR has developed in prevalence with a significant focus on organisations addressing their social responsibilities, making it crucial for golf clubs to positively impact their surrounding communities and reduce their negative effects on the environment. Despite numerous studies exploring various facets within the topic of CSR, to date, there is a scarcity of research addressing the CSRs of a golf club and the resource constraints that inhibit their ability to engage in such activities. An additional aim of this study is to understand and assess CSR in golf clubs through internal perspectives, gaining in-depth knowledge on how the multifaceted topic is perceived. Chapter one provides an outline of the aims and objectives of the research study, chapter two includes an introduction and a review of literature, exploring the main theories and concepts of CSR. Chapter three contains the methodological approaches of the research study and the data collection process. Chapter four consists of the analysis and results from the research performed. Chapter five includes a discussion of the overall findings from the study, recognizing and evaluating how businesses engage with CSR, and chapter six contains the overall conclusions of the study.

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