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How can we use social media to change the way we observe and react to climate change?

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

The research aims to explore the relationship between social media and civil climate change action, with a particular focus on using social media as a climate change mitigation technique. It aims to do this by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of social media and how these can be used and modified to successfully tackle climate apathy. Quantitative and Qualitative data was collected using an online survey created on Qualtrics and posted onto social media platforms. The research found that social media plays a significant role in daily life, with 95% of participants claiming they use it daily. This is promising, as 76% claim that social media has reinforced/promoted their belief in climate change, as well as 89% claiming that social media has encouraged them to behave more environmentally consciously. A review of literature, as well as of the open ended question results, found that understanding the role of exposure in promoting action is difficult and subjective to an individual. With this understanding, the research urges future research to explore the impact of the type of exposure, rather than the frequency of exposure.

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