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Factors influencing pro-environmental behaviour and moral norms in students: course background and year of study differences

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

Purpose – The purpose of this thesis is to examine the influence of moral norms, course background (specifically environmental related courses) and years of study on proenvironmental behaviour in students.
Design – The research uses statistical analysis to investigate the relationship between moral norms, course background and years of study, and student’s pro-environmental behaviour. Correlation coefficients and T-tests were used to analyse the data collected from the survey.
Findings – Pro-environmental behaviour in students increases when they hold moral and social norms and study a course with content relating to the environment. However, no relationship was found between first and third-years student attending university suggesting the time at university does not impact student’s environmental behaviour.
Practical Implications – The paper provides opportunities to incorporate further environmental education into the curriculum of all institutions across all course backgrounds to increase everyone’s pro-environmental behaviour.
Originality – The results of this thesis make an important contribution to establishing factors which influence pro-environmental behaviour in students. The research has filled gaps and built on previous work through considering factors which have found inadequate results in the past and considering factors that have rarely been considered in this context.

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