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Poems for TV

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

My opening intention was to gather memories and stories of factory work and from that to develop a collection of poetry. I was conscious of the need to give my ideas room to evolve and change direction and the idea of TV crept in; firstly in the form of people watching it to wind down after work, but progressively I found myself watching it, pen and paper in hand, in an attempt to capture in words something of its other worlds, its processes and its pervasion into the real world through entrenched conversation and reference. The resulting collection is an amalgam of both approaches, some poems one, some the other, some containing elements of both. In their combination the theme of how we spend, catalogue and understand time emerges; this is explored in several ways but towards the end of the collection the idea of biblical time develops into a closing sequence of poems that returns these digressed and expanded themes right back to the forecourt of a factory.

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