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Is the EU unsustainable? Demonstrably viewed through a migration crisis and economic policies leading to the financial crash, culminating in the British exit?

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2018

This dissertation will discuss the sustainability of the EU Project, beginning with a disscussion on what the early concepts of the EU were and whether these have changed. This will be accompanied by the notion that there have always been underlying concepts which have led to an unsustainability, such as the political and social goals of post war peace and the introduction of the euro. In order to draw out the continued unsustainability of the EU project the approach taken will be to focus on two main issues. The first of these is the increase in citizen derived migration, in other words to a freedom of movement, a highly politically sensitive subject, which often leads to the questioning of a Member State’s own sovereignty. The second focus will be on the financial crash and in doing so to demonstrate the unsustainaibilty of the euro and the EU’s economy. This Dissertation, finally, will explore whether the British Exit is an inevitable factor brought about from the unsustainability of the EU, or whether it is based on a blame policy arising out of a lack of democratic and political accountability.

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