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The acute effects of the FIFA 11+ warm up on lower limb injury risk in male recreational football players

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2020

Background: A variety of injury prevention methods exist at all levels of participation in sport, ranging from flexibility training and warm-ups such as the FIFA 11+. Purpose: The study aimed to investing the acute effects of the FIFA 11+ warm up, in comparison to a dynamic warm-up (DWU) and control group in reducing the risk of injury in the lower limbs. Participants: Five recreational male footballers (age=20±0.8) participated. Experimental conditions: Participants were involved within all three testing conditions with the study consisting of a randomised cross-sectional design. Data collection and analysis: Risk to injury was assessed via the Y-balance test score (YBT) and the qualitative analysis of single leg squat (QASLS), with measurements being collected after the completion of the warm-ups on four separate days. A one-way ANOVA and post Hoc Tukey test were used. Results: QASLS scores produced no statistically significant results (p>0.05), whilst the YBT produced significant improvements between the baseline measures and FIFA 11+ within the PL direction (p<0.05). The PM direction observed no statistically significant results, but a moderate effect size (0.57) was observed for scores. The AN direction produced no statistically significant results (p>0.05). Conclusion: The YBT scores although producing low statistical significance, did enhance the YBT scores, whilst no observed improvements were examined for the QASLS, indicating a slight acute reduction in injury risk within male recreational footballers.

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