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Exploratory study of advertising techniques past and present and the extent of marginalisation of female athletes – a case study of nike

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2023

The following study investigates the marginalisation of female athletes according to gender by Nike in a singular case study. Since the topic is relatively within the academic realm, previous research was very limited. A thematic analysis was conducted to gain an understanding regarding the extent of marginalisation of female athletes by examining their past and current marketing strategies. Especially with the rise of social justice issues and more of a focus from companies on advertising surrounding female empowerment, there is a stronger need to understand the actions of a company such as Nike. Nike have tried to switch advertising techniques to more of a female empowerment centric advertising and with also more of a direct focus on advertising centred around social justice issues.

The study hereby established that Nike from the period of 2010-2016 were more likely to marginalise and sexualise female athletes in a variety of ways, often adhering to hegemonic gendered stereotypes that exist within both the sporting realm and the advertising realm. Furthermore, the study also found a trend from 2017 onwards in which Nike were more likely to portray female athletes in a positive manner, which coincides with the adoption of the advertising techniques mentioned prior. The results of the study have market-wide implications not solely for Nike, and how they can prevent the marginalisation of female athletes through their advertising techniques.

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