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To what extent has Air Engineering Branch development in the Royal Navy affected the role of Fleet Air Arm Leading Hands?

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

The Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm have recently gone through a series of significant changes and are entering a period of even greater changes; with this comes a need to change how leadership and management are utilised in the RN. The RN has a shortage of Leading Air Engineering Technicians, the first level of leadership and supervision responsibility; with more LAET’s looking to leave the RN, the commitment would appear to be dropping as people look for career opportunities elsewhere. Although the RN has modernised its equipment, it could be seen that leadership and management training has not yet modernised to keep up with the changes made by the RN.

To investigate why the RN has a shortage of LAET’s this research will look at four key areas; Leadership and Management, Motivation, Employee Expectations and Employee performance. This study aims to investigate how the changes made have affected the role that LAET’s play in the RN. The study will show that the leadership training has failed to modernise; the changes to the role that LAET’s play has changed and is leading to a lack of motivation and commitment.

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