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How can Human Resources (HR) support, aid, and adapt the workplace to meet the needs of those on the neurodiverse spectrum?

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

This research has explored the neurodiverse community in relation to the workplace to begin to build an understanding on how workplaces can aid, adapt, and support the neurodiverse community. All the participants who took part in this research offered an insight into three key areas of the workplace which are, the recruitment process, disability discloser to an employer and understanding what adaptations they would like to be made to facilitate their work.

What was found from this research was that often for employees it was less about the physical change or adaptations a workplace can introduce for them and far more about changing and tackling the stereotypes that people have of those on the neurodiverse spectrum. It can be said a focus still needs to be on breaking stigmas and stereotypes surrounding those on the neurodiverse spectrum to ensure that they are seen as equals in the workplace. There were too notable aids, adaptations, and support strategies that employees on the neurodiverse spectrum wanted to see in the workplace. All of these changes that were requested by the participants could be considered reasonable adjustments and under the Equality Act (2010) it is the responsibility of the employer to make these for their employee.

However, what could be seen from this research is that employers and employees need to work together to ensure they are both communicating with one another. As for a change to be made that suits the employee they need to talk to their employer and for the change to be right for the employee the employer needs to ensure they listen accurately to what the need of the employee is.

The research that has been conducted has concluded that this work is just the start for businesses and human resources to work in conjunction with the neurodiverse community to ensure we are making workplaces more inclusive. Businesses and organisations need to utilise local charities and support networks to ensure that they can build a stronger relationship with the neurodiverse community and to also develop their understanding of neurological conditions. As well as this, they need to ensure they are communicating with their employees, who are on the neurodiverse spectrum, to understand what their needs and expectations of their employer are.

Keywords: Neurodiversity, Human Resources, Adaptations, Workplace Communication

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