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Determinants affect e-wallet adoption in Vietnam

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

This dissertation targeted to investigate the major factors which have direct impacts on the acceptance of e-wallet services in Vietnam. The core model of this research is established upon Technology Acceptance Model which was built by Davis et al. in 1989, Motivational Model by Deci and Ryan in 1985, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology by Venkatesh et al. in 2003 and Adoption of Risky Technologies by Gupta and Xu in 2010, and was adjusted to adapt to e-wallet context in Vietnam. The conceptual framework was on the foundation of three contexts which are Technology context, Individual context and Motivational context. Accordingly, seven constructs comprises of Perceived Usefulness, Percieved Ease of Use, Price, Individual Innovativeness, Social Influence, Perceived Enjoyments and Security Concerns determinants. Besides, demographic factors including gender, education level, income and age were also taken into consideration as determinants affecting e-wallet acceptance in Vietnam.

In accordance with the proposed model, a list of opinion polls was formulated to explore the hypothetical correspondence among untapped variables. A data set consisting of 331 respondents locating in Vietnam was collected. Accordingly, Exploratory Factor Analysis and Multivariate Regression Analysis were utilised to test the level of reliability, adequacy of data and evaluate significance of independent variables on acceptance of e-wallet in Vietnam. The result of the analysis further substantiated many variables applied for e-wallet field and also supported the previous research. In particular, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Security Concerns and Perceived Enjoyment have direct impact on users’ intention to use ewallet. Meanwhile, Price Value, Perceived Innovativeness, Social Influence and Gender were discovered to have no direct association with e-wallet adoption in Vietnam based on this research.

Key words: e-wallet, FinTech, Technology Acceptance

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