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What does the ideal social housing project look like? A comparative study of social housing in England and the Netherlands

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

The overall purpose of this study is to critically analyse the social housing systems of England and the Netherlands. It is a small-n comparative study, undertaken through desk-based research. This study will outline the key characteristics of each system, discussing the history of the sector, the housing mix of the country, the theoretical systems of each country, the main social housing providers, the recipients of social dwellings, the rent of social housing, and the problems associated with each system. The analysis will consist of discussion about the similarities and differences between the two systems, as well as the investigation of four examples, two from each country. As a result of this analysis and evaluation, a criterion will be developed for the ‘ideal’ social housing project. This criterion will include tackling stigma, resident involvement, the use of community development projects and the importance of build quality.

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