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The motivations and experiences of Chinese young adults participating in events tourism via E-sports events

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2021

Event tourism, as a tourism category and its industry, has gradually matured, and the research on event tourism is also being carried out constantly. With the development of The Times, Generation Z has gradually stepped onto the stage of society, and its influence on tourism consumption, especially event tourism consumption, has been expanding continuously. Among them, with the development of science and technology, e-sports and e-sports event tourism are constantly attracting the attention of young people, especially those from China, a dynamic emerging economy. However, there are few researches on esports event tourism, which is a subdivision of event tourism, and the research on the motivation and experience of Chinese youth to participate in e-sports event tourism is particularly blank. Therefore, This dissertation will provide one-on-one open interview as the methodology, the Chinese youth to participate in the e-sports event tourism motivation and experience, with specific influence Chinese youth choose to participate in esports event tourism motivation and experience factors of Angle, so as to explore the growing industry future development direction and way.

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