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An investigation into whether community dance could replace educational dance at key stage 4 if it was removed from the National Curriculum

  • Year of Publication:
  • 2018

Throughout this research project I will examine both educational and community dance to distinguish whether community dance would provisionally educate young people within the age group 14 – 16, similar or better than educational dance if it was to be removed from the national curriculum. This has originated from the recent debates and occurrences throughout the media regarding the removal of the arts due to the EBacc certificate.

The research is undertaken by mainly secondary sources as well as a small questionnaire given to the programme leader and staff within the performing arts course at Derby College. The secondary sources will include books from community dance philosophers such as Diane Amans (2008) and educational philosophers such as Louis Cohen (2010) as well as recent articles from MP Nick Gibb (2016) to give an historical and current context throughout my project. I also combine this with my knowledge of the community dance movement which was gained from a placement at ArtsNK.

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